Our History

Empresas Diez Escobar (EDE) originates from the companies founded by Alfonso Escobar Villablanca and his wife Carmen Castro Rubio, parents of Inés Escobar Castro. Alfonso and Carmen devoted themselves to agriculture and wine making since 1921, specifically in the VII Region of Maule, in central Chile. Their vineyards cultivated wine grapes and produced wine.

From 1974, Alberto Diez Berdión, husband of Inés Escobar, acquired orchards and vineyards around Curicó. He built a packaging and cold storage plant for pome fruits (apples, pears), giving origin to Central Frutícola San Luis.

In the 1980s Alberto and Inés’ children joined the business, being in charge of EDE’s management at the time of the death of their father in 1999. This generation of siblings decided to convert vineyards into orchards, producing fruits and nuts for export, replacing wine grapes with apples, pears, kiwis, cherries and hazelnuts.





Current fruit distribution

Under the Diez Escobar siblings management, the business has been professionalized, consolidating its corporate governance, creating the family council, and establishing a qualified board of directors.