Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of three independent members and three family members, roles currently performed by María Inés Diez, Luis Alberto Diez and José Miguel Diez I., the latter a member of the fourth family generation in the business.

Eugenio Camus Camus


Ivonne Paravic Klijn

Max Von Bischhoffshausen Velásquez

Luis Alberto Diez Escobar

María Inés Diez Escobar

José Miguel Diez Ihnen

Corporate secretary


Our business is led by a general manager (CEO) with two managerial reports: the administration and finance manager (CFO) and commercial manager (CCO). Additionally, the role of General Administrator, reporting to the general manager, is held by Mr. Ricardo Neira Poblete.

José Miguel Díez Escobar


Carmen Gloria Díez Escobar


José Miguel Valdés Ochagavía