Our orchards are certified for exports to major international markets. At EDE we operate with high quality and safety standards ensuring an optimal product for the final consumer. We are constantly updating and improving our processes and facilities to stay at the forefront of the demands of each of the target markets.

These certifications are:

Inés Escobar S.A.

Global Gap*



Albert Heijn

Nurture (Tesco)**

Among others.

Central Frutícola San Luis



Global Gap

Standard giving consumers confidence in the way production is carried out, minimizing negative impact in environment, reducing the use of chemical supplies and ensuring a responsible approach to the health and safety of workers, as well as animal welfare.

Tesco Nurture **

Standard requiring suppliers/producers of fresh fruits and vegetables to carry out the best agricultural practices, complying with regulatory requirements and safeguarding the environment.

BRC British Retail Consortium**

Standard established by the British Retail Consortium to guarantee compliance with safety and quality standards for consumer products.